Terms of Service

Storage. Customer data are stored in secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments. These environments are hosted by Google Cloud unless otherwise specified.

Backups. Unless specified otherwise, customer data are backed up routinely and stored in Google Cloud which is replicated across data centres in a given region (EU West) with 256-bit encryption.

Privacy and protection of personal information.

  • Legal obligations. We are responsible for complying with our obligations and you are responsible for complying with your obligations under applicable laws governing your data. The parties both acknowledge that they are not investigating the steps the other is taking to comply with any applicable privacy and protection of personal information laws.
  • Responsible party. You remain the responsible party for determining the purpose and means of our processing of your data, including that processing will not place us in breach of any laws.
  • Trans-border flows of your data. You consent to us transferring your data across a country border to enable us to comply with our obligations under the agreement. You are solely responsible for determining that any transfer of your data across a country border complies with the applicable laws. We will primarily access your data from South Africa.
  • Indemnity. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless (and those related to us and our personnel, co-branders or other partners) from and against any claim, demand, loss, damage, cost, or liability (including legal costs) arising out of or relating to you failing to comply with your obligations under this clause. If permissible under applicable law, legal costs will be on an attorney and own client basis.
  • Ownership of data. You are the owner of your data. We have access to anonymous data.
  • Preservation of integrity of your data. Both of the parties will take reasonable precautions (having regard to the nature of each of their obligations under the agreement), to preserve the integrity of your data and prevent any unauthorised access, corruption or loss of your data.