GreenFingers Mobile Expands Into Deforestation and Carbon Sequestration

Understanding the impact new trees have on carbon reduction and deforestation rates have long been a challenge. There is often an incorrect underlying assumption that a newly planted tree will grow to maturity, and live for 40+ years. Previously, this has been difficult to monitor and ensure. With the help of GreenFingers Mobile, Tree Eco International has found a solution to this challenge.

Tree Eco International is a Zimbabwean company leading the growing and planting of indigenous and fruit tree species in Zimbabwe. Trees are sold to companies and then packaged and distributed to rural communities in Zimbabwe, free of charge. Over the next 12 months, Tree Eco will distribute more than 1 million trees to 12,000 smallholder farmers. Who, working with extension officers, will seek to improve food security and fight deforestation.

Tree Eco uses the GreenFingers Mobile platform to register farmers, monitor planting and growth of the trees, and quantify the impact of the tree planting initiative. The tree planting initiative is taking place throughout the country and is designed to alleviate both social and environmental challenges facing the nation.