About us

About Us

GreenFingers Mobile is a mobile technology platform which manages and finances large groups of smallholder farmers in value chains.

GreenFingers Mobile replaces pen and paper based management systems with real time big data, to reduce transaction costs and enable the efficient inclusion of smallholder farmers in global value chains.

GreenFingers Mobile was initially piloted in 2013, and fully established in 2015. The technology solution currently operates in three countries, managing over 5,000 smallholder farmers, across commodities like ABE chilli, soy, sorghum and maize.

Products and Services

GreenFingers Mobile supports our clients throughout the whole project lifecycle:

  • Bespoke adaptation of our mobile platform to specific needs and use cases
  • Project management
  • Training of field staff and management
  • Operational and technical support
  • Data analytics and impact reporting

GreenFingers Mobile’s products and services rest on three pillars:

  • SaaS Platform
  • Intelligence Backend
  • Impact Assessments

Unique Value Proposition

GreenFingers Mobile’s unique value proposition includes:

  • Mature technology – The underlying data collection mobile technology operates in over 40 countries across hundreds of thousands of front line workers.
  • Experienced team – Our team blends strong agricultural and smallholder knowledge, alongside
  • Strong client service – We understand that many of our clients operate on paper based systems, and the change over to technology can be problematic. We have a strong English speaking support team on similar time zones in Africa, alongside local partners to support our clients timelessly and efficiently.
  • Finance advisory – Our team has strong capital / financing experience. Our value add is integrating real time data alongside financial institutions and MFIs.

Intelligence Backend

GreenFingers Mobile has formed strategic partnerships to increase our access to new markets, extend our technological and technical capability, and expand our reach into new markets.

The Hivos Food & Lifestyle Fund is an investor into GreenFingers Mobile. The fund is also wholly owned by the HIVOS Foundation, a Dutch development organization focusing on social change, digital activism and rural innovations in the sectors of sustainable food systems, renewable energy and governance.

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