Technology to manage and finance smallholder farms

Shifting from Paper to Digital

GreenFingers Mobile is a mobile first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform, to manage and finance large groups of smallholder farmers. Developed by a team of agricultural value chain experts, the platform easily adapts to different crop types and use cases.

GreenFingers Mobile replaces pen and paper based systems with a digital platform to: manage farmer profiles, track commercial exchanges, monitor field extension staff, and ensure that effective and timely technical assistance is provided in the field.

Shifting from Paper to Digital

A cornerstone of our technology is the “SaaS Platform”, which empowers agronomists and field officers with customized mobile handsets to:

  1. Manage Farmer Profiles – Collect contact details, farm GPS tracking and socio-economic information
  2. Track Commercial Exchanges – Collect longitudinal Input and transaction data in multiple currencies
  3. Manage Technical Assistance – Manage the effectiveness of field staff on farmer productivity

Real-Time Business Intelligence Dashboard

A key component to our technology is a web based business intelligence dashboard, where all the field data is stored, analyzed and visualized. Our “Intelligence Platform” provides:

  1. Easy aggregation, customization, exporting and visualization of data
  2. Easy management of inputs, sales pricing and currency settings
  3. Easy mobile handset management and user customization.
  4. Secure and private storage of longitudinal data, alongside user management.

Integrate 3rd Party Tools

Through APIs, we can integrate a multitude of 3rd party services onto the device:

Fingerprint, SMS, Wireless Printing

Verify commercial transactions through Fingerprint scanning, SMS codes and wireless/bluetooth printing

Airtime & Data Management

Manage extension officer airtime and data recharging remotely – country dependent

SMS / USSD / IVR Communication

One or two way communication directly to your smallholder farmers – country dependent

Online Education

Provide targeted training material and content directly to the handset.

Mobile Payments

Integrate payments into mobile wallets and Remittance services

Instant Messaging

Control ‘work related only’ instant messaging built into the handset app. This is useful for managing excessive data costs.

Yield Forecasting

Manage yield forecasts for the upcoming growing programmes and regions.

Weather Information

Utilising existing weather data or integrating new sensor data, up to date weather conditions and forecasts can be provided

Some of our Clients

We are proud to be associated with the following brands.

“We’ve been working with GFM for 5 years (before the re-branding). The software has gone a long way to improving our reporting and streamlining our processes across a broad Geographical area, and in some challenging contexts. It’s a fantastic product, they have an engaged, capable and responsive team. I can only speak too highly of the business.” – Sam Hirst, Nando’s Farming Initiative Manager

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